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Founder, Hoque and Associates

Widely recognized as one of the rising formidable lawyers of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh, Shah Monjurul Hoque started his legal career towards the end of 1980s when he became an LLB student. He obtained his LLB (Hons) and LLM degrees from Islamic University, Kustia, Bangladesh in 1991 and 1992 respectively. He was enrolled as Advocate in 1995 and as an Advocate of High Court Division of Bangladesh in 1996. In 2011 he was also enrolled as an Advocate of the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh, thus having the right of audience in every tier of the judiciary.

Shah Monjurul Hoque joined as a junior to Mr. Rafique-Ul Huq, Bar-at-Law, Senior Advocate of the Supreme of Bangladesh in 1997 and continued there until 2004, at that point he established his own firm “Hoque and Associates” and started working independently. His legal career now pervades more than thirty years. Such a long period has equipped him with the essential quality and skills which a lawyer can ever cherish. He has been involved in variety of legal areas including Writ, Company, Commercial, Securities and Stock Exchange, Admiralty, Civil, Criminal, Income Tax, Money Laundering, Artha Rin, Insolvency, Anti-Corruption Laws, Customs, VAT, International Trade, Foreign Investment, Arbitration etc. Specially, his expertise in company, banking and anti-corruption laws excels many in the corporate and legal area in Bangladesh.

Alongside this, Shah Monjurul Hoque has significantly contributed to the legal education in Bangladesh. He is the co-founder of Metropolis Ideal Law College, a leading law college in Bangladesh. He himself took interest in teaching the law students and took the opportunity to act as a professor of law in Ideal Law College, Central Law College and Northern University teaching wide range of areas including Jurisprudence, Company and Commercial Law, Criminal Law, Land Laws, Law of Evidence, Constitutional Law and others. His passion for legal education and teaching law has helped him to be one of the finest lawyers of his generation. He has also acted as a Resource Person of National Academy for Education Management (NAEM), Bangladesh.

Shah Monjurul Hoque has acted as Member of Arbitration Tribunal in a number of international arbitrations. He himself has conducted many international arbitrations before the Arbitration Tribunal. His firm “Hoque and Associates” has been playing a pivotal role in settling dispute through alternative dispute resolution in Bangladesh and beyond.